Food intolerance: one of the major health issues


Many people on this earth live for eating and food is their primary love, but sometimes human bodies are not able to keep up with the food that one intake. Most of the times, it is because of the consumption of the food that one is sensitive to. For example, people who are lactose intolerant, if they consume any dairy product, their body can have a negative physical reaction. If larger quantities of the food items which one is intolerant to, is consumed, the conditions can be severe. An uncomfortable feeling after eating a certain food is known as food intolerance.

Many people confuse themselves in between food intolerance and food allergy. Allergy is something which results in a person’s immune system to sit up and take notice while food intolerance has nothing to do with the immune system. Food intolerance describes the adverse physical reaction to the ingestion of certain foods; it is something that affects the digestive system.


There are four types of this intolerance that occur from the consumption of some particular foods:


–    Wheat Intolerance: Wheat is a staple and nutritious diet for many people around the world. But many people do not realize that the underlying cause for some of their ailments could be due to wheat intolerance.

–    Gluten Intolerance: Wheat is one of the main problems for people who suffer from gluten intolerance. People suffering from gluten intolerance are sensitive to the gluten, a protein that is found commonly in wheat, barley, rye, and oats.

–    Yeast Intolerance: Yeast is a fungus organism that feeds on sugar and produces gas. Yeast is definitely required in the human body to maintain a normal and healthy digestive system. But the presence of too much yeast is harmful as it gives rise to a lot of health problems.

–    Lactose Intolerance: One of the most common food intolerances is lactose intolerance which means individual experiences certain allergic symptoms when they drink or eat milk or dairy products. This is because of the lack of lactase in the body to assimilate the lactose in the milk products.


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Important Facts to Know About Food Intolerance

In some cases, people’s bodies can’t endure the meal they eat. This is known as food intolerance. When individuals consume food that they’re sensitive to, for example, dairy items for lactose bigoted people, and their bodies starts reacting in a different way. The impacts appear each time the food is being eaten by the individuals. In large amounts of food are swallowed, symptoms can be extreme. Food intolerance is sometimes mixed up for food allergies. Food sensitivities make a person’s immunity system weak so that they pay heed, while food intolerance doesn’t include the immunity system. Nor are they connected to contaminated foods; those cause food poisoning and not intolerance.

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The Causes of Food Intolerance

As said before, food intolerance is caused by the powerlessness to digest certain sorts of food, more often than not because of lacking measures of the chemicals or proteins expected to process a specific food.

Who Suffers from Food Intolerance?

Anybody can suffer from food intolerance. Food intolerance is not restricted to a specific gathering of individuals; however, there are a few components that assume a part in the probability that an individual is influenced by hereditary. To check that whether a person is suffering from food intolerance or not one should go for food intolerance testing.

Food intolerance test is very popular nowadays. Different people are confronting from the side effects of acid reflux, regurgitating, stomachache, clogging, sickness and so forth. Food intolerance now happens when specific food makes an individual feel unwell or debilitated. The signs and side effects of food intolerance and differ from individuals to individuals.

There are various clinics available today who provides various tests and body analysis for food intolerance and food allergies.

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