There is a correlation between the composition of body and health ranging from mortality and morbidity to immunity, longevity, high function and athletic performance. Body composition if analyzed can be one of the tools used in preventative, therapeutic and research applications. In the human body, body composition analysis is the clinical assessment of tissue and fluid compartments. Body composition is easily damaged by inappropriate weight loss, yet needs to be protected because it is the key to preventing weight regain.

What is body composition?

A body composition analysis is used to measure how lean a person is and how much lean body mass they carry. The fatter they carry the unhealthier and prone to disease that person would be. This composition is important to the health because high-fat levels for both male and females can be detrimental to our health and can be the cause of many diseases out there that attack overweight and obese people. People who are looking to lose weight or put on muscle are also much better off using their body composition to set and achieve body fat goals, rather than just rely purely on body weight.

How can body composition be assessed?

As human beings, there are three basic structures that determine the body composition. They are bone mass, fat, and muscle. A common measure associated with diet, weight loss, and health is Body Mass Index (BMI). This has been used for a long time as an indicator of whether or not a person has a “healthy” weight for his/her height. It still governs so much of the thinking not only within the healthcare services but also the diet industry. However, it is acknowledged to be a flawed measure. Flawed because it takes no account whatsoever of the bodily make-up. Body Composition is essentially the technical term used to describe the balance of the different components that make up human bodies. At the most simplistic level, some people in the diet and fitness industry consider it to be a measure of the relative ratios of fat mass to fat-free mass.

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